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Axit hữu cơ: Giải pháp kháng bệnh cho cây trồng

04/07/2023, 16:27

TNNN - Việc bổ sung axit hữu cơ trong chế độ ăn có tác dụng có lợi đối với hiệu suất của gia súc, gia cầm bằng cách giảm vi khuẩn gây bệnh. Để bạn đọc hiểu rõ hơn, chúng tôi xin giới thiệu một số bài nghiên cứu đã được xuất bản chính thức và các bài viết được chấp nhận đăng trên những cơ sở dữ liệu học thuật chính thống như Sciencedirect.


1. Effect of an organic acid blend in Nile tilapia growth performance, immunity, gut microbiota, and resistance to challenge against francisellosis

Research in Veterinary Science Available online 27 April 2023 In press, journal pre-proof

Vanessa Gomes da Silva, Leonardo Mantovani Favero, Ulisses de Pádua Pereira

2. Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMET5DeltaSIZ1Delta enhancing organic acid tolerance with XYL1 and XYL2 integration for ethanol yield improvement in the presence of xylose and low pH value

LWT 6 April 2023 Volume 180 (Cover date: 15 April 2023) Article 114718

Peizhou Yang, Jianchao Chen, Zhi Zheng

3. Performance evaluation of OPC mortar exposed to organic acid environments

Materials Today: Proceedings Available online 9 March 2023 In press, corrected proof

Chinnu Mariam Ninan, Ramu Radhakrishnan, Blessen Skariah Thomas

4. What is the best spectroscopic method for simultaneous analysis of organic acids and (poly)saccharides in biological matrices: Example of Aloe vera extracts?

Talanta Open 25 April 2023 Volume 7 (Cover date: August 2023) Article 100220

Franziska Block, Alexander May, Yulia Monakhova

5. Soluble sugars, organic acids and energy metabolism involved in the wound healing of muskmelons elicited by benzothiadiazole

Postharvest Biology and Technology2 February 2023...

Yi Wang, Yuxuan Zhao, Yang Bi

6. Allochthonous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi promote Salix viminalis L.–mediated phytoremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons characterized by increasing the release of organic acids and enzymes in soils

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 22 December 2022 Volume 249 (Cover date: 1 January 2023) Article 114461

Xia Li, Xiaofei Kang, Xiaodong Ma

7. Theoretical study on the organic acid promoted dissolution mechanism of forsterite mineral

Applied Surface Science 16 December 2022 Volume 614 (Cover date: 30 March 2023) Article 156063

Chengchen Sun, Zequn Yao, Xiaodong Shen

8. Simultaneously quantification of organic acids metabolites by HPLC mass spectrometry to reveal the postharvest quality change in cherry tomato

Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 23 December 2022 Volume 117 (Cover date: April 2023) Article 105105

Meng Dong, Ran Xin, Lei Qin

9. Organic acid-induced triple fluorescent emission carbon quantum dots identification of distilled liquor

Food Chemistry Available online 5 April 2023 In press, journal pre-proof Article 136080

Jing Zhang, Jiaxi Deng, Danqun Huo

10. Study on the reduction of chlorine and heavy metals in municipal solid waste incineration fly ash by organic acid and microwave treatment and the variation of environmental risk of heavy metals

Science of The Total Environment 31 January 2023 Volume 870 (Cover date: 20 April 2023) Article 161929

Huan Wang, Bing Zhao, Yiyu Wang

11. Comparative effects of different potassium sources on soluble sugars and organic acids in tomato

Scientia Horticulturae 12 October 2022 Volume 308 (Cover date: 27 January 2023) Article 111601

Kongjie Wu, Chengxiao Hu, Songwei Wu

12. Chitosan-based layer-by-layer edible coatings application for the preservation of mandarin fruit bioactive compounds and organic acids

Food Chemistry: X 11 January 2023 Volume 17 (Cover date: 30 March 2023) Article 100575

Slaven Jurić, Marija Sigurnjak Bureš, Luna Maslov Bandić

13. Effects of microencapsulated blend of organic acids and botanicals on growth performance, intestinal barrier function, inflammatory cytokines, and endocannabinoid system gene expression in broiler chickens

Poultry Science 28 December 2022 Volume 102, Issue 3 (Cover date: March 2023) Article 102460

Sofia Bialkowski, Andrea Toschi, Yihang Li

14. Identification of co-expressed networks and key genes associated with organic acid in peach fruit

Scientia Horticulturae 8 September 2022 Volume 307 (Cover date: 3 January 2023) Article 111496

Qi Wang, Ke Cao, Lirong Wang

15. Desulfurization characteristics of limestone slurry with added organic acid

Fuel 2 December 2022 Volume 336 (Cover date: 15 March 2023) Article 126859

Ji Eun Jeong, In Ah Cho, Chang-Yong Lee

16. Inhibitory effect of ε-poly-L-lysine on fruit Colletotrichum gloeosporioides through regulating organic acid metabolism and exerting membrane-targeted antifungal activity

Postharvest Biology and Technology 28 March 2023 Volume 200 (Cover date: June 2023) Article 112339

Jingjing Wu, Jingjing Hu, Maorun Fu

17. Effects of dietary organic acid and pure botanical supplementation on growth performance and circulating measures of metabolic health in Holstein calves challenged by heat stress

Journal of Dairy Science 14 February 2023 Volume 106, Issue 4 (Cover date: April 2023) Pages 2904-2918

A. B. P. Fontoura, V. Sáinz de la Maza-Escolà, J. W. McFadden

18. Increased bee venom production in Apis mellifera workers on the provision of probiotics and organic acids

Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology 13 January 2023 Volume 48 (Cover date: March 2023) Article 102616

Ali Hasan, Javed Iqbal Qazi, Ali Hussain

19. Metabolite variations of sugars, organic acids, fatty acids and amino acids in flower buds of Zingiber mioga Roscoe at different developmental stages

Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 21 November 2022 Volume 116 (Cover date: March 2023) Article 105050

Shaofeng Wei, Huijuan Liu, Jiao Xie

20. Ready-to-Eat Egg Products Formulated with Nisin and Organic Acids to Control Listeria monocytogenes

Journal of Food Protection 28 March 2023 Volume 86, Issue 5 (Cover date: May 2023) Article 100081

Subash Shrestha, Jerry J. Erdmann, Ted Brown

21. Impact of vitamin C supplementation on composition, stability, fatty acids profile, organic acids, antioxidant properties and sensoric acceptability of cultured buttermilk

Food Chemistry Advances 13 April 2023 Volume 2 (Cover date: October 2023) Article 100271

Fatima Younas, Muhammad Nadeem, Awais Khan

22. Alteration of trioctahedral micas in the presence of inorganic and organic acids

Applied Clay Science 28 March 2023 Volume 238 (Cover date: 15 June 2023) Article 106923

Chiara Cappelli, Alexander E. S. Van Driessche, F. Javier Huertas

23. Tree age and maturity stage affect reducing sugars, organic acids and minerals in Ziziphus jujuba Mill. cv. Huping fruits

Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 2 November 2022 Volume 115 (Cover date: January 2023) Article 105007

Lina Wang, Chuan Chen, Peilong Sun

24. Formation mechanisms of ethyl acetate and organic acids in Kluyveromyces marxianus L1-1 in Chinese acid rice soup

Food Science and Human Wellness 9 August 2022 Volume 12, Issue 1 (Cover date: January 2023) Pages 45-56

Na Liu, Likang Qin, Song Miao

25. Adsorption of trichlorphon on phyllosilicate minerals: Effect of low molecular organic acids

Pedosphere Available online 8 March 2023 In press, journal pre-proof

Hongfeng CHEN, Zhouyang HE, Yonghong WU

26. Evaluating organic acids as alternative leaching reagents for rare earth elements recovery from NdFeB magnets

Journal of Rare Earths 2 May 2022 Volume 41, Issue 4 (Cover date: April 2023) Pages 621-631

Sahar Belfqueh, Alain Seron, Nourredine Menad

27. Dietary coated essential oil and organic acid mixture supplementation improves health of broilers infected with avian pathogenic Escherichiacoli

Animal Nutrition 11 October 2022 Volume 12 (Cover date: March 2023) Pages 245-262

Van Hieu Pham, Waseem Abbas, Zhong Wang

28. Influence mechanism of organic matter and low-molecular-weight organic acids on the interaction between minerals and PAHs

Science of The Total Environment 12 December 2022 Volume 862 (Cover date: 1 March 2023) Article 160872

Longmiao Yuan, Yingqin Wu, LeiPing Shi

29. Pre-storage temperature conditioning reduces cortex browning and cavity and alters organic, amino, and fatty acid metabolism in cold-stored ‘Chuhwangbae’ pears

Scientia Horticulturae 20 March 2023 Volume 315 (Cover date: 1 May 2023) Article 111989

Hnin Phyu Lwin, Rachel S. Leisso, Jinwook Lee

30. Reduction and valorization of dairy manure by organic chelating acid-assisted hydrothermal process: Dewatering performance, energy recovery, and effluent toxicity

Waste Management 1 April 2023 Volume 163 (Cover date: 15 May 2023) Pages 134-143

Yihang Zhang, Yuqing Zhao, He Zhang

31. Environmental remediation of Pb–Cd contaminated soil with organic phosphonic acids-saponin: Conditions, effectiveness, ecological risk and recovery

Chemosphere 10 February 2023 Volume 322 (Cover date: May 2023) Article 138122

Yinghua Li, Jiguo Wu, Xi Chen

32. Understanding the aggregation of excitation wavelength independent emission of amphiphilic carbon dots for bioimaging and organic acid sensing

Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 19 December 2022 Volume 290 (Cover date: 5 April 2023) Article 122257

Swayam Prakash, Saugata Sahu, Ashok Kumar Mishra

33. Effect of extrusion temperature on characteristic amino acids, fatty acids, organic acids, and phenolics of white quinoa based on metabolomics

Food Research International 31 March 2023 Volume 169 (Cover date: July 2023) Article 112761

Jianxin Song, Yao Tang

34. Inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes through the synergistic interaction between plasma-activated water and organic acid

Food Research International 15 March 2023 Volume 167 (Cover date: May 2023) Article 112687

Sunna Jyung, Jun-Won Kang, Dong-Hyun Kang

35. Exogenous application of low and high molecular weight organic acids differentially affected the uptake of cadmium in wheat-rice cropping system in alkaline calcareous soil

Environmental Pollution 22 April 2023 Volume 329 (Cover date: 15 July 2023) Article 121682

Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman, Manar Fawzi Bani Mfarrej, Zahoor Ahmad

36. Surface modification of PtSn/Al2O3 catalyst by organic acid chelation and its effect on propane dehydrogenation performance

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 16 March 2023 Volume 178 (Cover date: July 2023) Article 111331

Lei Cao, Rong Qian, Fangli Jing

37. Reductive transformation of birnessite by low-molecular-weight organic acids

Chemosphere 14 March 2023 Volume 325 (Cover date: June 2023) Article 138414

Thomas Ritschel, Kai Uwe Totsche

38. Visualized analysis of amino acids and organic acids in wheat caryopsis in response to multigenerational effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration

Environmental and Experimental Botany 7 January 2023 Volume 207 (Cover date: March 2023) Article 105225

Shuxin Li, Shulian Jian, Xiangnan Li

39. Mechanism of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons degradation in the rhizosphere of Phragmites australis: Organic acid co-metabolism, iron-driven, and microbial response

Environmental Pollution 10 April 2023 Volume 327 (Cover date: 15 June 2023) Article 121608

Ni-chen Zhang, Dan ARong-liang Qiu

40. Association of resistance to quaternary ammonium compounds and organic acids with genetic markers and their relationship to Escherichia coli serogroup

Food Microbiology 20 March 2023 Volume 113 (Cover date: August 2023) Article 104267

Vinicius Silva Castro, Yuan Fang, Kim Stanford

41. Effects of apple storage period on the organic acids and volatiles in apple wine

LWT 27 December 2022 Volume 173 (Cover date: 1 January 2023) Article 114389

Yingying Han, Zhicong Su, Jinhua Du

42. An automated workflow on data processing (AutoDP) for semiquantitative analysis of urine organic acids with GC-MS to facilitate diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism

Clinica Chimica Acta 20 January 2023 Volume 540 (Cover date: 1 February 2023) Article 117230

San-yuan Wang, Te-I Weng, Guan-Yuan Chen

43. Changes in rhizosphere phosphorus fractions and phosphate-mineralizing microbial populations in acid soil as influenced by organic acid exudation

Soil and Tillage Research 21 September 2022 Volume 225 (Cover date: January 2023) Article 105543

Yingyan Wang, Donghai Luo, Ming Gao

44. Factors influencing the recovery of organic nitrogen from fresh human urine dosed with organic/inorganic acids and concentrated by evaporation in ambient conditions

Science of The Total Environment 24 March 2023 Volume 879 (Cover date: 25 June 2023) Article 163053

Prithvi Simha, Anastasija Vasiljev, Björn Vinnerås

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