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About Vinalab

Vietnam Association of Testing Laboratories (VINALAB) is a member of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association.

VINALAB was established by Decision No.25/2003/QĐ-BNV of Minister of Home Affairs’ dated on June 10, 2003. The Founding Assembly was held on July 17, 2003.

The Association is a group of Testing Laboratories in Vietnam, operating on a voluntary basis for the purposes of exchanging information and experiences on specialty and profession; helping each other to increase their specialize knowledge; developing, applying and improving environmental scientific and technological solutions, promoting testing activities, contributing to the improvement of Vietnam products – goods quality and promoting reputation of Vietnamese goods on foreign markets, supporting the industrialization and modernization of Vietnam.

The Association’s operational purpose is to connect and assemble domestic testing laboratories to promote testing laboratories competence for research, training, production, business, management, consumer’s right protection, safety, health and environment, commercial development, fostering science and technology improvement.

Symbol for the Association


1. Promoting the inter-laboratories connection and cooperation to exploit potentials and support each other in performing testing activities.

2. Participating with agencies and organizations with functions of building analysis methods, testing, standards, appropriate standards certification methods, and new equipment by the law.

3. Participating in consulting and commenting appraisal for testing laboratory planning, investment and accreditation by the law.

4. Coordinating with other agencies and units with functions of training and retraining to increase specialised and professional level, exchange experiences in the field of testing for staffs, members and organizations in need by the law.

5. Propagandizing Association activities, providing information, disseminating and providing guides on documents and regulations relating to testing activity for members.

6. Coordinating in the organization of testing services for research, production and environment protection by the law.

7. Cooporating closely with regulatory agencies, research institutes, universities, relevant associations and international organizations by the Vietnamese law and international practices.

8. Carrying out other responsibilities as requested by authorised agencies.


1. Organizing and operating in accordance with the Association’s Charter approved by the Minister of Home Affairs and related laws.

2. Propagandizing the Association’s principles and purposes, and representing members in internal and external relationships relating to its functions and responsibilities by the law.

3. Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the Association and its members in compliance with its principles, puposes, and Vietnam’s laws. Organizing and coordinating activities between its members for the Association’s mutual interests, and mediating disputes within the Association.

4. Disseminating knowledge for its members and providing necessary information to the members by the law.

5. Participating in programs, projects, research, consultancy, judgment and social inspection at the request of the State agencies, and providing services that fall within its scope of operation by the law.

6. Establishing legal status bodies as the Association’s subsidiaries by the law.

7. Giving opinions on the legal documents relating to the Association’s operation by the law. Giving recommendations to the State’s authorised agencies on issues related to the Association development and activities by the law.

8. Publishing magazines, periodicals and other publications by the law. Coordinating with related agencies and organizations to implement the Association’s responsibilities.

9. To be entitled to raise funds from membership fees and revenues from business and services operations by the law for self-financing. To be able to receive legal funds from international and domestic organizations and individuals by the law.

10. To be able to participate in international organizations with the same scope of operation; signing and implement international agreements by the law, and reporting to the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Home Affairs on the corresponding participations, signings and implementations by the Vietnamese laws and international practices.